Contextualizing CRM

Keeping up with the constant change in consumer behavior and spending habits requires that companies constantly evaluate and evolve their marketing efforts. Many brands have already shifted marketing strategies from product-centric to experiential. This contextual More >


Richmond Fed Report Reveals Disappointing Retail Results

Consumer spending drives an estimated 2/3 of the demand in the economy -if it wasn't clear before, it certainly is now: an effective CRM policy is a must-have.


Sephora Almost Gets it Right

Sephora Catalog CoverSephora's Spring 2011 catalog cover looks good. The creative is strong and exciting and the paper weight was well chosen. However, the inside looks like an unedited carnival and lacks the Brand's voice.


Marketsmith Congratulates CVS

CVS LorielSkin MailerCVS gets the star of the week for its spot on cooperative mailer last week. The mail piece was Branded exclusively for LorealSkin - rich black, 4-color, 8x14 folded and tabbed, with a coupon inside. It looks great.

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Tag you’re it

You’ve probably seen them – those Rorschach-looking inkblot designs in magazines, on point of sale displays, maybe at Starbucks. They are called 2D (two dimensional) codes and if you scan them with a reader in More >


Starbucks and the Future of Mobile Marketing and CRM

I carry my phone everywhere; it does everything for me. Not only do I always have Facebook, email, text messages, and standard phone service to keep in touch and up to speed, I use shopping More >


The Verizon Store Gets Retail CRM

There’s always been a huge obstacle to effective CRM at the retail level. Traditionally, a sales person hasn’t been able to fully tap into a customer’s shopping history and preferences while assisting the customer in-person. More >


Redefining CRM: Luxury Brands Take Note

This article, “Luxury brands approaching revolutionary CRM innovations: expert” by Peter Finocchiaro, points out that database analysis and customer service access to that data will bring a new level of individualized CRM to luxury marketers. More >


Why Loyalty is Misunderstood

I get phone calls regularly asking about customer loyalty programs and I think they can be revenue leakers. Great merchandise, quality product, and, on occasion, a fantastic sale should reward your very best customers enough. More >