Improvements Catalog: a Shining Example of Remarketing

The year of 2013 saw a momentous shift towards retargeting initiatives, with dramatic innovations in database marketing technologies. No one is debating the critical importance of these remarketing efforts, but it is also critical that More >


Chico’s is Having a Negative Effect on Boston Proper

Boston Proper was recently bought by Chico’s and its effect is already starting to show. While the clothes inside the catalog are tempting purchases as always; overall, the quality of the book is down.


The Container Store’s Integrated Approach to April

The Container Store’s April catalog, “Spring Organization Sale,” is a 44 page tabbed guide to their in-store sale that was paired with an email promotion from RealSimple. Combining the catalog with the promotional email to our household was effective and well executed targeting.


Dermstore’s Spring Catalog Needs a Stronger Brand Voice

Dermstore's Spring Catalog 2012 is really well done. The “Product Playtime” theme is a departure from what we have seen in the past and the book feels well edited and engaging, but there are some missed opportunities.


‘Tis the Season… the November Catalogs that Dazzled and Didn’t

Merchants know ‘tis the season to be filled with wishes and dreams – consumers are wishing for things and merchants are dreaming of profits. November catalogs are key for both. Here are those that dazzled, and those that didn't.


Lands’ End wins over L.L. Bean

In the competition between L.L.Bean and Lands' End for shoppers attention, the November book from Lands' End is a clear stand out. Photography, creative, brand messaging, and editorial style win hands down.


Frontgate Gets Jiggy With It

Don’t ever doubt Frontgate’s talent to keep things interesting. Check out their October 2011, 88 page catalog plus their 16 page “Best-of-Breed” edition of pet products.


Restoration Hardware’s Gary Friedman Leads the “Lunatic Fringe” with Magnificence and I am in Love

The reason why I love Gary Friedman... How many Brands put it out there? I mean really put it out there like this; with a bold, refreshed and exquisite eye?


Bike On

Ever since I was a little girl I loved bike riding. My brother Timmy and I rode our bikes everywhere, around the block, to our grandmother’s house for a coke and even up broken down ramps to see if we could get some air.


DRTV for Catalogers Perfect Together

It’s no secret that bringing in new customers is especially challenging in this current economic environment. But we at Marketsmith have never shied away from a challenge. And, we have found a powerful prospecting channel More >