We offer a robust suite of services that, alone or in combination, drive greater ROI for our clients. Each area is staffed with best-in-class talent working in the belief that collaboration and transparency lead to the most effective marketing solutions.

Media Services

Media is the lifeblood of every marketer. It should be planned on the ultimate value each and every placement brings to the brand. The media planners at Marketsmith have access to proprietary data and analytical tools that reveal the optimum time and place to reach customers when they are most receptive to the brand’s message. And our buyers’ deep relationships with media providers across all channels assure clients of added value that price cannot match. Optimal value for optimized response. That is the mantra of Marketsmith media.

  • Digital
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Broadcast
  • Print
  • Out-of-home

Content Services

At Marketsmith we never deliver creative for creativity’s own sake. We believe that every word we write, every image we create, must have a purpose. That is why our content teams and strategists don’t work in silos, but sit side-by-side in making sure that every single piece of brand communication achieves its specific objective within the larger campaign mix, whether it is building awareness, providing information, creating engagement, and, above all else, driving consumers another step closer to the point of decision.

  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Digital
  • Mobile
  • Design
  • Branding


Direct Marketing

Marketsmith has its origins in the world of direct response marketing, and we maintain a fervent belief that the discipline is more crucial than ever to brands across almost every category. There simply is no shorter path between communication and action.

  • Strategic consulting
  • Advanced analytics
  • Retail driving strategies
  • Email strategy & execution


Simply gathering more data does not lead to greater understanding. It requires a combination of advanced technology to gather data in the most timely manner and human analysts who know how to uncover the hidden insights that are the starting point for original strategies.

  • Segmentations strategy
  • Data processing & optimization
  • Database builds
  • Proprietary tools & technology



Marketsmith has industry-leading, in-house research capabilities that go beyond data points to find the human connection among the dots. Whether the methodology is quantitative or qualitative, research at Marketsmith is never about just knowing who the consumer is. It’s about understanding how they’ll act.

  • Focus groups
  • Syndicated data
  • Proprietary consumer panels
  • Advanced analytics


Technology at Marketsmith is not about tapping into the same tools as everyone else in the industry. We believe that new client solutions require a constant reinvention of the technology we use. Which is why our tech teams are busy every day building unique new methods exclusive to our clients. And why our wall of U.S. patents is growing as fast as our client list.

  • Proprietary i.Predictus platform
  • Unique analytics algorithms
  • In-house technologists
  • U.S. patented solutions


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