i.predictus is a cutting-edge advertising technology that brings in millions of data points from a multitude of sources including digital media, retail, on & off-line media, first and third party data; and can quickly ingest, cleanse and automate information for marketing services groups and brands.

Intelligent. Proprietary. Quantified.

Simply sending out a dashboard in today’s world is not enough.  It poses a host of challenges to the person on the receiving end of it.  At Marketsmith, we know this pain point all too well.  Too many data points, not enough time to identify the highlights, and recognizing there is always more to learn and share. So, we developed a process each client goes through called I.P.Q, which stands for Intelligent.  Proprietary.  Quantified.  Through data and learning, it gives us the ability and the insights needed to understand how to tell the right story for our clients.


This process starts with our ability to obtain data from non-traditional sources, and we have patented techniques that help us organize different data sources together after they have been cleansed.  After learning from our clients how they want the data to read, we use visualization specialists that leverage BI tools to create graphs and charts.  This process transforms sophisticated and granular data to reveal and support trends, risks and opportunities.  

Our job is to identify and understand what key points and metrics are important to our client, their role, and we work to develop the best pathways to visualize the information, share it, and work with them to make sure they understand it so they can engage with the information, ask meaningful questions, challenge approaches and anticipated outcomes, and build upon the momentum of the plan; or model a new one even if it is already been activated.

Our focus is our client—always.  We know they need to be digital first and digitally agile, because digital native habits are driving the consumer journey and the rise of globalization.  Our clients face a “prosumer”, a professional consumer, who is rapidly changing driven by technological advancements. 

We feel our clients should have the tools to understand this information and their consumers choices or non-choices in real time.  At Marketsmith, we invest significant resources into hiring data-savvy talent, leveraging sophisticated technology, and we think digital first. 

But in the end, the most important thing we can do is to ensure our clients clearly understand every marketing dollar they spent, what happened, and why. No dashboard alone in today’s market will be able to tell the story as well as an informed human.

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    The cleansing and management of data.

    There are hundreds of existing data sources utilized within the marketing industry, and we have pre-existing integration to many of them. We also have a world-class technology team that can quickly adapt, customize, integrate, secure and automate new data sources into the platform from almost any additional source. Data is cleansed and matched using our proprietary ETL process with built-in capabilities that focus on error management and continual evaluation of data quality. We adhere to strict security guidelines as well as conducting recurring audits to ensure all data is safe and secure.



    Marketsmith is a forward thinking full-service marketing firm that creates custom tools and processes that advance our clients business models year-over-year.  We are always on the hunt to expand the list of data sources we use to continuously add value to our client’s response rates and digital activity.  We are masters of ferreting out data stored in hard-to-find data warehouses and visualizing them to add value to our media mix models and views of media. These can be optimized by our team and shared directly with our clients as well.  The Marketsmith I. Predicuts platform tackles Google analytics, SEO data, sales force and other CRM platforms, email service providers, as well as major media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Ad Words, even if you have chat applications.

    We believe that the more sources of accurate, clean data you bring into one view tell a better story for insights and solid next steps than individually.  More importantly, they will drive consumer interest, organize how to optimize pricing and ultimately deliver improved customer experience.   Our goal as an organization is to help navigate where important data resides, how you extract it and then visualize data stacked in ways that quickly and easily extract key insights to help formulate and inform strategy and business decisions.

    It is impossible for humans to process this quantity of data and make the most of it.  Marketsmith was a very early adopter of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  In our I.Predicuts platform our analysts and data scientists use these tools along with the use of BI applications and visualizations to identify patterns; allowing for all individuals, regardless of their professional level to see, access and understand complex data scenarios and to be able to elicit and participate in the optimization of performance across a series of key performance indicators.  This creates a visualization that shows a multitude of different sources in a single glance, creating informed, year-over-year performance and the ability to act in real time, simply through point and click.

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    Media optimization in real-time.

    Informed by customer and media data from over 3 million data points, and validated by over $1Bn in media placements, the i.Predictus B.E.S.T. algorithm analyzes and attributes each media tactic’s contribution to revenue when it matters – while a campaign is still active. Data is automated to provide near real-time predictions for a laser focus on optimization opportunities.

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    Predicting sales outcomes.

    Drive future revenue growth and spend optimization with the most advanced form of marketing analytics. Our Marketing Mix Modeling predicts future sales and guides media investment decisions by predicting which channels and tactics will work better than others – with 93% accuracy.

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    Actionable visualization.

    Interactive, drillable dashboards to identify fast-moving opportunities, and uncover evolving insights that are key to identifying “what’s happening now.” Available in one one view to allow Marketsmith and our clients real-time collaboration, ensuring fast alignments across teams to take the right path of action.

The i.Predictus Advantage
Only i.Predictus provides all of the martech tools your brand needs in a single platform. And it is available only through Marketsmith, as the AI engine that powers and informs all media and marketing decisions on behalf of our clients and their brands.
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