Now 100% owned by Marketsmith – and one of the only tech companies in this space that was started by a woman, in 2011 – i.Predictus is not only independent, so that it answers only to its clients – it was developed by marketers for marketers, providing all of the martech tools needed to be successful in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  With three patents, and two pending for our algorithms, combined with decades of in-house data analytics expertise, i.Predictus performs like no other data analytics platform.

Intelligent. Proprietary. Quantified.
i.Predictus is the heartbeat of our I.P.Q. process, where we continuously cleanse, integrate, analyze, predict and visualize, with our data analysts and marketing experts collaborating with our clients for positive outcomes for every marketing plan.
  • The cleansing and management of data - Icon

    The cleansing and management of data.

    Your data is matched from multiple sources using our proprietary Pre-ETL process, as well as primary and secondary sources relevant to your business, with a focus on constant error management and QA. We adhere to NIST guidelines and other compliance audits and security audits to ensure continuous coverage to keep your data safe and secure.

  • Media optimization - Icon

    Media optimization in near real-time.

    Informed by customer and media data from over 3 million data points, and validated by over $1Bn in media placements, the i.Predictus B.E.S.T. algorithm analyzes and attributes each media tactic’s contribution to revenue when it matters – while a campaign is still active. Data is automated to provide near real-time predictions for laser focus on optimization opportunities.

  • Predicting sales outcomes - Icon

    Predicting sales outcomes.

    Drive future revenue growth and spend optimization with the most advanced form of marketing analytics. Our Jules Marketing Mix Modeling product predicts future sales and guides media investment decisions by predicting which channels and tactics will work better than others – with 93% accuracy.

  • Actionable visualization - Icon

    Actionable visualization.

    Interactive, drillable dashboards to identify fast-moving opportunities, and uncover evolving insights that are key to identifying “what’s happening now.” Available in one one view to allow Marketsmith and our clients real-time collaboration, ensuring fast alignments across teams to take the right path of action.

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