The Marketsmith Friday Round-Up – Week of 6/25/2012

Another week, another round-up. This week, indoor maps, mooscles, browser tax and more!

Navigate To…Housewares
GPS gives us great driving directions, and now Google and Microsoft have begun mapping indoor locations too- how can retailers and marketers capitalize on being able to tell consumers exactly where to find their products?
MediaPost: Take It Inside!: Indoors Is Next Mobile Mapping Battleground

Applegate Spreads Knowledge with Humor
This short Applegate ad sends a powerful yet humorous message about eating meat from cows with growth hormones.
Creativity Oneline: Applegate – Mooscles

Browser Tax?
A tax for using an inconvenient browser? This announcement accusing customers of having “been in a coma for over 5 years” may be a bit harsh, but web developers won’t disagree.
Retail Customer Experience: Shopping online with Internet Explorer 7? That’ll cost you more.

Kayak Ad – The Series
An innovative and amusing campaign that ties multiple social media platforms together: This is part of a series in which Frank has bullied the founder of Kayak and recorded a video begging to be let back on the website after being banned. In the latest development he has launched a competing travel website to help the public while they decide whether or not he should be allowed to use This campaign seems simple but is deceptively intricate, engaging the public on many different levels.
MediaPost: Bully Denied Use Of Creates Own Travel Booking Site

Happy Social Media Day!
Apparently, tomorrow is Social Media Day! How will you celebrate?
Mashable: Social Media Day