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We are the largest woman-owned, omnichannel advertising and martech agency of its kind. We combine our patented technology with hands-on experience, intuition and humanity, and rigorously apply data science and analytics to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients across all marketing disciplines.
Brands today need more than just a toolbox of services from their agency partner. They want results, of course, but they are now demanding that their agency partner be transparent. And now more than ever, brand teams want to be a part of the process.  We know our clients need results, but they also want to learn, be educated, informed and add value to the process of generating revenue, growing their brands and understanding their total marketing spend.
That is why Marketsmith developed the I.P.Q. process.  It is a four-step, proven process proprietary to Marketsmith. With its comprehensive and holistic approach, it fosters a never-ending loop of data learning, human insight and understanding.   We know each of our clients learn differently and process information in very different ways.  We take that very seriously and make it a key part of our business deliverables.  Each of our products and services are grounded in the ability to immerse ourselves fully in the brand model; financially, from a market perspective and goal setting.  But more importantly we also take into consideration our client audience and how they want to see, observe and become informed. The process of immersion quickly leads to automation, which sets Marketsmith apart from its competition. However, it is our visualization and predictive capabilities that make us unmatched for success in outcomes and in the ability for our clients to understand the impact of their marketing dollars as it’s happening.
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Marketsmith is the only agency to offer I.P.Q. Powered by our patented i.Predictus analytics platform, this never-ending loop of data ingestion and insights combines the best of data science with human ingenuity.
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